Facts and Myths about Lice

Facts about lice:

*A single bug is called a louse. 

*2 or more bugs are called lice.

*lice have 6 legs that are used to hold on to hair and crawl on the scalp.

*The life span of a louse is approximately 30 days on a human head and 2 days if not on a human head.

*Head lice is spread through close contact with a persons head or personal belongings such as helmets,  hats, pillows, brushes, ect.

*6 to 12 million us children get head lice each year.

*Head lice feed by sucking the blood from a human head.

Myths about Lice

*Lice fly and jump from person to person. (No, lice only crawl)

*Dog's and cat's get head lice. (No, only humans get head lice)

*A person is dirty if they get head lice. (No, personal hygene has nothing to do with head lice. Lice love  clean heads)

*Mayonnaise, tea tree oil, and lotion all kill lice. (No, none of these items kill lice. The key to getting rid of  lice is to remove it from the head) 

*Putting a plastic bag on your head will smother and kill lice. (No, you cannot smother lice as they can  hold thier breathe for hours)

*Lice carry diseases. (No, do not carry diseases. Lice can cause excessive itching which can lead to a  secondary skin infection)


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