No Lice twice is a mobile in home service. Our clinician's come to you so that you don't have to be inconvenienced with leaving your house and waiting in a salon.  
When the clinician arrives at your home they will do a head check on all members in your household to verify who is infested with head lice.
At the time of treatment a natural enzyme product (all products are non-toxic and have no chemicals)  will be administered on to the hair and head of those who have a lice infestation. The clinician will then begin a specially trained combing process to remove the nits and lice. After the combing process the clinician will then search strand by strand of each hair and through the scalp to make sure there is nothing left behind. 
During the time the clinician is in your home she will educate you on lice and advise you as to what cleaning needs to be done in your home.  She will also advise you as to the precautions you and your family can take to help you remain a lice free family.   
pictures of lice after lice removal
Above is a picture of a male and female lice